Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluations


ALCAS offers psychoeducational assessments for individuals ages 16 and up. Our comprehensive evaluations meet the documentation guidelines for most schools and major universities and provide detailed information on cognitive, academic and neurocognitive abilities. Additional we provide information on learning styles and strengths. 


We particularly specialize in working with college students who are either entering college, in college or who have graduated and are now entering the career world. However, we also work with "adult students" who may be returning to school after hiatus or who are determining how to improve their functioning within their career context. 


Such evaluations are extremely helpful in order to:


  • aid in identifying individual patterns of strengths and weakness

  • inform recommendations that will lead to greater academic or personal success

  • determine college majors based on skills, aptitude, and interests

  • determine any areas of improvement or decompensation since previous testing

  • provide documentation to support student's need for academic accommodations (e.g., extended time on standardized tests)

Additional information regarding evaluations:


  • The evaluation, which takes approximately 3-6 hours, will include an intellectual or cognitive assessment, academic achievement assessment, tests of executive functioning abilities with additional neurological components, emotional/behavioral measurements, emotional/behavioral assessment, learning styles and learning skills assessment, followed by an in-depth clinical interview and summary of personal history.

  • The information will then be summarized to determine patterns of individual strengths and weaknesses, formulate a diagnostic impression and provide customized recommendations based on the findings from the testing, which will all be summarized in a comprehensive and detailed report.

  • A one-hour consultation (or feedback session) is included with this service and is highly recommended to examine and explain results and to facilitate action regarding the individualized recommendations for intervention and success. This can be done in person, phone conference or skype. 

  • Quite often such a report serves as a roadmap for those entering college in that it determines individual strengths and provide insight and support for areas of struggle and most importantly, in determining what will help the student to succeed based on their profile. Additionally, such a tool may help to assist students in seeking accommodations for learning disabilities or other barriers to learning, should such a request be reasonable and appropriate based on the findings.

  • For those new to such an evaluation, Ms. Fleming highly recommends the article "Understanding the Evaluation In-Depth" by Dr. Robyn Waxman listed on the "resources" column to the right.

  • We do offer expedited report completion for an additional fee


Fees and Insurance: 


Fees vary as each assessment is tailored to your unique needs and testing batteries are customizable. Please contact our office for further information. If you are experiencing significant financial hardship, special arrangements will be considered. Ms. Fleming does not take insurance; however, she is happy to provide documentation which can be submitted to your insurance company for possible out-of-network reimbursement. It is your responsibility to contact your provider to determine eligibility for out-of-network benefits.


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