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Katie Fleming-Thomas, M.S., LPC

Katie is the founder of Abundant Life Counseling and Assessment Solutions and provides skill-based counseling and psychotherapy, testing, and evaluation services in Fort Worth, Texas. Katie's goal is to provide others with the support, knowledge, and tangible resources they need to succeed on their journey.

In therapy, Katie draws upon a variety of expertise and training  and incorporates a range of therapeutic and holistic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Attachment Psychology, as well as Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychology, Nervous System Regulation and Therapeutic Breathwork. 

In addition to therapy, Katie provides psychoeducational testing as well as ADHD testing to individuals 16 and up. She has extensive experience in testing and has conducted evaluations for college students, athletes, and adults as it pertains to learning matters, emotional/behavioral health, executive functioning, and cognition. 


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Counseling focused on anxiety, life transitions, and trauma.

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“Katie is truly gifted in the art of "holding space." During a time when I had lost what was most important to me and was a wreck, Katie assisted me and helped me to work through the most difficult pain I have ever felt. Her gentle guidance to feel my feelings and encouragement to honor what was going on and my difficult emotions with her kind support helped me beyond what I thought was possible.

—  Former Client

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