• Emergency Hotline: 24-Hour Crisis Hotline (512) 472-HELP

  • Crisis Text Line International: Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor

  • Local Websites And Emergency Contact Numbers:

The resources mentioned below will offer you further online information about mental health matters.

The list that follows is not intended to be exhaustive, nor does it constitute an endorsement of the material that may be found on the websites listed.

Please note that not all of these modalities may be used in therapy; however, they represent my theoretical approach to therapy and are where most of my education and training have been focused on. Each person is unique, and I use my best judgment as to what is appropriate for you. I desire to honor and respect your level of comfortability with these tools and approaches, working within your zone of tolerance and resilience. Overall, my goal is to help individuals learn how to take better care of themselves and utilize tangible skills to work through any barriers to their healing, learning, and growth while developing a stronger sense of self-mastery and self-compassion.   

  • Contact the office to set up your initial appointment. I offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation to get acquainted, discuss what you are specifically seeking from therapy, and how I can best help you.

  • Upon your confirmation of an appointment, you will receive "intake paperwork" via email to complete and bring to your session.   

  • Upon our first visit, we will get acquainted, discuss your background,  and go over informed consent,  policies/procedures, and confidentiality.  We will then determine your goals for therapy and whether we are a good fit. We will also discuss the duration and frequency of our time together as it pertains to achieving your therapeutic goals.  We will also discuss what successful "termination of therapy" will look like for you and what this process will entail as far as future goals and resources. ​



  • $140 for the initial session (75 mins), then $120 per 50-minute session  

  • A "sliding scale" fee may be available based on financial need. 



  • Sorry, I currently do not accept insurance. However, I can offer you an itemized "superbill" you can submit to your insurance on your own for possible reimbursement. 

Common Issues Treated
  • Depression 

  • Anxiety

  • Mood Related Concerns

  • Self -Esteem

  • Stress/Burnout

  • Grief/Bereavement 

  • Suicide Survivor

  • Caregiver Issues 

  • Relaxation Training 

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Major Life Transitions 

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Family Issues 

  • Adjustment

  • Attachment 

  • Spiritual and Existential Issues

  • Integration Work  

  • Health Concerns 

  • Distraction

  • ADHD

  • College-Life Matters

  • Time Management 

  • Setting & Achieving Healthy Goals

  • Finding Purpose and Clarifying  Goals

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If you have further questions or would like to schedule your frirst session click the link below: