Working with Katie


Change involves taking a fearless inventory of what you really want out of life, giving yourself permission to be happy and making a serious commitment to start working towards what you really desire and gives you meaning and purpose. The human condition is a special one, while we are somewhat delicate beings we are also immensely powerful, can heal and have the tools, support, and resources to thrive. 


Therapy is a great way to start working towards this, but it does take a willingness to try something new. Change and stepping into this territory can be scary at times, but it is an important part of growth. Therefore, participating in therapy is a big step and I would like to commend you for seeking help!  It is an honor to be of support for you. 


My favorite clients and whom I tend to work with: 


  • Those who are "bored with life" and looking for more fulfillment.

  • Those who are ready to work on identifying limiting beliefs thought patterns or behaviors that cause them pain and develop better ways to think and act. Those who desire to establish and work towards new positive goals for themselves so they can embody their true"awesomeness" 

  • Those who are seeking more positive relationships with themselves and/or their loved ones. 

  • Those desiring better ways to manage anxiety, stress or depression.

  • Those who just want to learn how to be more calm, "chill" and focused.

  • Those seeking more balance in their lives.

  • Those who want to be better at self-care, establishing boundaries, and being peacefully assertive. 

  • Those who need help with learning new skills to help them in their line of work or at school. 

  • Those needing support or help to adjust to major changes in their lives or difficult situations.

  • Those who need help clarifying and connecting deeper to their own values.

  • Those who have been hurt and ready to work towards healing. 

  • Those who simply desire a safe and confidential place to process their thoughts and feelings.


Approaches: One size does certainly does not fit all when it comes to therapy. However, I primarily utilize an eclectic approach and often combine mindfulness-based practices with Cognitive-Behavioral and strength-based approaches, while also utilizing “Depth Psychology” to get to the root of troubles as a means of developing insight. Positive Psychology is utilized as well in order to help you discover what makes YOU truly feel happy, creative, engaged, and fulfilled and focusing on your strengths and what you have to offer the world. Also of focus is helping you to develop better problem-solving skills, healing old wounds,  moving beyond being stuck in unfruitful “life patterns", learning to be positively assertive with your needs and wants, clarifying your goals, identifying your feelings, and integrating mindfulness, peace in everyday life. I place a high value on the therapeutic relationship/alliance, in which trust, openness, and understanding are paramount. We are a team. Creativity and humor are also always welcome in session. 




$100 per 50-minute session. A "sliding scale" fee may be available based on financial need. Please don’t be afraid to ask if finances are a significant barrier for you.



Sorry, I currently do not accept insurance. However, I may be able to offer you an itemized "superbill" you can submit to your insurance on your own for possible reimbursement. 


Cancellation Policy:

Everyone's time is valuable. When I schedule an appointment with you it means I am setting aside time specifically for you. If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment or have not given at least 12 hours in advance, you could be charged a no-show fee. Things happen, I know, but frequent no-shows can be counterproductive to therapy, could indicate resistance towards change, and can complicate the therapeutic relationship. 


How the Process Works: 

  • Give me a call to discuss your needs. I offer a free 15-20-minute consultation to get acquainted, discuss what you are specifically seeking from therapy and how I can best help you.

  • Schedule the first appointment.

  • After, you will receive "intake paperwork" via email to complete and bring to your session. This ensures that we can get right on to working on what YOU want to work on and start establishing your goals for therapy.  

  • Upon our first visit, and after determining your goals we will explore how therapy should work for you, that is, the duration and frequency of our time together. Some individuals visit every week, while for others it may be bi-weekly, and then curtails to monthly checkups as needed. We will discuss all of these matters in the first session. 


Common Counseling or Coaching Issues: 


Depression, anxiety, stress

Career Matters

Educational Matters/Learning Differences 

Major life changes and life transitions

 Strength Finding

"Soul Searching" and "finding one's path"

Grief and Bereavement 


Mindfulness and relaxation training

Health Psychology


Coaching for Productivity and goal setting

"Growing Pains" and maturity concerns 

Existential and Spiritual Inquiry