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EMDR - THeory, Practice
& Application

Mother and a Child

Attachment therapy is based on attachment theory and explores how one’s early childhood or formative and developmental experiences might impact their ability to form meaningful bonds as an adult. It is believed unconscious patterns become set in place by the time we are approximately two years old. Our attachment style is at the core of how we form adult relationships, whether they are romantic or friendships. Furthermore, these "styles" often influence how we relate and respond to the external world as well as how we process things internally and relate to ourselves. The ultimate goal is to be able to develop a secure attachment style not only with others but with ourselves as well. 

“In attachment-based therapy, therapists help individuals learn how to rebuild trust in relationships, especially since individuals with attachment difficulties tend to fall into difficult interpersonal relationships. But it really boils down to doing inner-child work. And by that, I mean the therapist helps you get in touch with your inner child in a literal sense—the person you were when you were first wounded or traumatized or abandoned. From there, the therapist helps you to ‘re-parent’ that version of yourself with love and patience, and compassion.”

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