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ALCAS is dedicated to assisting people in leading more fulfilling lives.
Our psychological testing and counseling services give individuals, couples, and families the resources they need to overcome challenges, grow, and thrive. 


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Therapy and coaching is right for anyone who desires to create greater self-awareness and work towards change in a supportive and encouraging environment. Therapy delivers long-term benefits and support by equipping individuals with the tools to overcome obstacles, strengthen their skills to cope and make lasting positive life changes.

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Evaluations help individuals to discover their patterns of cognitive skill and capacity, level of academic achievement, executive functioning abilities, and level of emotional/ behavioral health. Often this aids  in personal insight, provide a path for intervention and support, and help individuals obtain access to reasonable and appropriate resources. 

Katie Fleming-Thomas, M.S., LPC
Katie Fleming-Thomas, LPC

Katie is a licensed psychotherapist and psychometrician in Fort Worth, Texas. She provides clinical services, including skill-based psychotherapy and coaching, as well as Psychoeducational and ADHD testing. She works with individuals, couples, "emerging adults, and "seasoned adults." Her experiences include providing services to groups and organizations and she has worked in higher education as well as private psychology clinics. 


“Katie is truly gifted in the art of "holding space. During a time when I had lost what was most important to me and was a wreck, Katie assisted me and helped me to work through the most difficult pain and grief I have ever felt. Her gentle guidance to feel my feelings and encouragement to honor the difficult emotions with her kind support helped me beyond what I thought was possible".

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