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Mindfulness FOr Pain Management Class

Four-Week Online Mindfulness-Based Pain Management Class & Practice

Begins May 2024

"Mindfulness transforms pain from a burden into a teacher, guiding us toward deeper resilience and self-compassion."


Are you facing challenges associated with acute or chronic pain? Explore a journey towards enhanced peace, comfort, and overall well-being despite the physical and emotional discomfort of physical pain.

Through just four sessions, you will acquire the tools to reshape your experience of pain through mindfulness techniques, promoting a harmonious and more resilient lifestyle.

🌿Through discussion, mindful meditation practice, and Q&A, learn to work with pain, not against it, by better understanding the mind-body connection.

🌿Learn to foster a relaxation response and attune to a state of ease during difficult and uncomfortable moments of physical pain.

🌿Navigate your thoughts and their impact on pain, creating a balanced and approachable perspective.

🌿Tackle pain-related emotional challenges, developing self-compassion and the ability to respond, nurture, and adapt.

Reclaim your comfort and peace and embrace a life where pain does not dictate your overall well-being.

Mindfulness, a practice rooted in ancient meditation traditions and popularized in Western psychotherapy, has been increasingly studied for its application in pain management. The reason behind this interest lies in mindfulness's unique approach to pain, focusing not on the eradication of discomfort but on changing the individual's relationship to pain.

Mindfulness encourages a non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, including physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions. By cultivating this awareness, individuals can learn to observe their pain without the added layers of interpretation and emotional reaction that often exacerbate suffering.

Research has shown that mindfulness can reduce the intensity of pain and the distress associated with it. This effect is believed to be partly due to mindfulness's impact on the brain's processing of pain signals, promoting a more accepting and less reactive stance towards discomfort. Additionally, mindfulness practices have been associated with decreased levels of stress and anxiety, which can play a significant role in the perception and tolerance of pain.

Given its non-pharmacological nature, mindfulness offers a promising complementary approach to traditional pain management strategies. It equips individuals with tools to manage their pain more effectively, potentially leading to improved quality of life and well-being for those suffering from chronic pain conditions.

Host:  Katie Fleming Thomas, MS, LPC, CIMHP, NPY-C, a psychotherapist & mindfulness practitioner, found a new path in managing her own chronic pain from an injury and subsequent back surgery. She shares these techniques to empower others, turning struggle into strength while blending professional expertise and personal insight to guide others to embrace a more enriched life, even in the presence of persistent pain. 

Dates: Thursdays - 5/16/24, 5/23/24, 5/30/24 & 6/6/24

Time: 4:00 PM CST

Location: Online via Zoom

Length: 1 Hour & 15 Minutes

 Includes Talk and Meditation Practice 

Newcomers to mindfulness or meditation are welcome!


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