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Mindfulness Exercises
For Anxiety

The Mindful Meditation Exercises for Anxiety Series, previously offered on Insight Timer, introduces mindfulness exercises aimed at anxiety management through a trauma-sensitive lens. The program emphasizes awareness of breath, body, feelings, and thoughts, fostering the tools for inner strength and resilience. While not a substitute for therapy, it provides a foundational understanding of mindfulness techniques beneficial in therapeutic settings and daily life. This series is a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore mindfulness for anxiety management by learning the basic foundations of awareness of the breath, body, mind, and emotions and learning to create your own relaxation response. All done from a place of non-judgment and self-compassion.


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"This approach to meditation has allowed me to find a deep relaxation that wasn’t possible before. Concentrating on my breathing during the second episode of meditation really relaxed my entire nervous system. I will continue to use this more frequently throughout the day. "

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